Formed in 1992 by the merger of the Alberta Archives Council and the Alberta Society of Archivists, the Archives Society of Alberta (ASA) represents the province’s archival community and those interested in archives.


The Archives Society of Alberta provides the tools and resources necessary to preserve Alberta’s documentary heritage.


The Archives Society of Alberta strives to create a cohesive and engaged community by providing its members with the opportunities for professional assistance, continuing education, awareness initiatives, online presence and other services that the provincial archival community requires to assist the people of Alberta, Canada, and the world in experiencing the province’s unique archival heritage.


1)      Provide educational opportunities and demonstrate support to achieve excellence in professional archival practice;

2)      Ensure online access to archival information is available for all;

3)      Demonstrate excellence in governance, succession planning and staff training through good corporate practice with a goal to maintain sustainability;

4)      Promote ASA services to attract and retain members and ensure member needs are met;

5)      ASA promotes archival awareness to a variety of external audiences.

To support these goals, the ASA provides the following services:

• Advisory Services Program
• Online databases for archival records in Alberta
• Online directory of member archival institutions in Alberta
• Special Workshops and Archives Institute
• Grants to assist professional development
• Grants to preserve archival records and make them available
• Quarterly newsletter 

Archives Week exhibits and events to promote archives to both decision-makers and the general public


As of October 2016, the ASA has 17 honourary members, 90 individual members, 40 institutional members, and 9 associate institutional members. For information about becoming a member, click here.

The ASA receives funding from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation for its operating activities. The ASA has also received project funding from the Canadian Council of Archives, Canadian Heritage, and the Alberta Centennial Legacies Grant Program for its educational workshops, online databases and other special initiatives. 

If you would like additional information about the ASA and its activities, please contact the ASA’s Board of Directors or the Executive Director.