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 Alpine Club of Canada fonds

The founders of the Alpine Club of Canada, Winnipeg, 1906

(Alpine Club of Canada fonds  V14/AC0P-369)


Sir Douglas Party, Are we downhearted? No. No. No. / Harry Pollard

(Alpine Club of Canada fonds - V14/AC29P/3-20)

     Alpine Club of Canada fonds. -- 1906-1994. -- ca.40 m of textual records. -- ca.12,000 photographs : prints, photograph albums, transparencies, negatives, stereographic prints, postcards. -- 85 photograph albums. -- 8 motion pictures : films, video recordings. -- 3 sound recordings. -- The Alpine Club of Canada, Canada's national mountaineering club, 1906- , promotes scientific study and exploration, cultivation of art, public education, acquisition of climbing skills, and preservation of natural areas within the mountainous regions of Canada. -- Fonds consists of four sous-fonds:  I. Alpine Club of Canada sous-fonds;  II. Mount Everest Expedition (1982) sous-fonds;  III. Personal papers and photographs sous-fonds;  IV. Other records sous-fonds. -- Location: M200 / S6 / V14.

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I.  Alpine Club of Canada

Alpine Club of Canada sous-fonds. -- 1906-1995. -- ca.32 m of textual records. -- ca.3000 photographs. -- Sous-fonds contains the largest portion of the records in the fonds.  It is comprised of three series:  A. Administrative records; B. Section records; C. Hut, clubhouse and summit records.  Administrative records series consists of three sub-series:  1. Administrative records, 1906-1949;  2. Administrative records, 1950-1979;  3. Administrative records, 1980-1994. -- Constitutes Sous-fonds I. of the Alpine Club of Canada fonds.

Sub-sub-series descriptions : A.1. Administrative records, 1906-1949

Sub-sub-series descriptions : A.2. Administrative records, 1950-1979

Sub-sub-series descriptions : A.3. Administrative records, 1980-1994

Series description : B.  Section records

Sub-series descriptions : C.  Hut, clubhouse and summit records


II.  Mount Everest Expedition (1982)

Canadian Mount Everest Expedition sous-fonds. -- 1979-1984.. -- 3.15 m of textual records.. -- The Alpine Club of Canada was a major sponsor of the 1982 Canadian Mount Everest Expedition. Canadian Mount Everest Expedition records are primarily Director's records; also includes material on publication, "Everest Canada." Title based on contents of sous-fonds.  Records were generated by the Canadian Mount Everest Society. Gift of the Alpine Club of Canada, via the Canadian Mount Everest Society, 1985?  Prior arrangement dictated that the records passed to the Alpine Club of Canada. -- Inventory available. -- Constitutes Sous-fonds II of the Alpin Club of Canada fonds.  Related to records in the Alpine Club of Canada administrative records, series I.A.2.d. and I.A.3.d.; the Larry Emrick fonds (M539); and the Bruce Patterson fonds (S42). -- Location : M200 / II, S6 / II,  V14 / II.


III.  Personal papers and photographs

Personal papers and photographs sous-fonds. -- 1887-1984.. -- Textual records and photographs [extents not available]. -- Sous-fonds consists of members' personal papers and photographs accumulated by the Alpine Club of Canada prior to 1986. Material pertains primarily to ACC camps, expeditions, climbs, activities and facilities; and to mountaineering in general.  Major groups of material include: Paul A. W. Wallace papers and photographs, 1912- 1945; Frank W. Freeborn photographs, 1905-1914; Preston L. Tait photographs, 1911-1946; Phyllis Munday photographs, ca.1920-ca.1940; W. E. Stone photographs, 1912-1921; H. F. Lambart papers and photographs, 1913-1937; and Elizabeth Parker photographs, 1906-1912.  Other significant groups of material include: Geoffrey Capes papers and photographs, 1947-1957; Byron Harmon photographs, 1906-ca.1920; J. P. Forde photographs, 1906-1913; George Battell photographs, ca.1909-1915; J. W. A. Hickson photographs, 1909-1919; L. C. Ford photographs, 1919-1932; Edward C. Porter photographs, ca.1950- 1981; Harry Pollard photographs, 1910-ca.1925; W. W. Foster photographs, 1925; A. A. McCoubrey papers, 1906-1937; H. A. V. Green papers, 1953-1958; A. T. Dalton photographs, 1902, 1907; Cora Sutter photographs, ca.1945; George Kinney papers and photographs, ca.1907; Malcolm Goddard photographs, 1912, n.d.; Elliott Barnes photographs, 1907; J. Norman Collie photographs, 1897- 1910. Single items or small groups of items originate with the following: Duke of Abruzzi, H. W. Allan, Allen H. Bent, Frances Arnold Black, Eric Brooks, Neal Carter, Rollin T. Chamberlin, Nick Clinch, Mary Cockerton, H. A. Constantine, Mary Fallis, Willima O. Field, Margaret Fleming, Don Forrester, H. O. Frind, A. L Harkness, Dorothy Hartley, G. Horne, Emil Huber, Ernest A. Jenkins, Mary L. Jobe, Conrad Kain, R. Kelly, F. V. Longstaff, H. MacKay, Claire McIntyre, D. S. McTavish, Edwin W. Mills, S. H. Mitchell, Don Munday, Elizabeth M. Rife, D. A. Sampson, R. A. Schluter, Vaux family, Betty Walker, C. G. Wates, A. O. Wheeler, Frank Yeigh. -- Inventory available. -- Constitutes Sous-fonds III of the Alpine Club of Canada fonds.  Material compliments Alpine Club of Canada records, particularly with regards to camps, climbs, expeditions and facilities.  Photographs by professional photographers such as Byron Harmon, Harry Pollard and Elliott Barnes may have been produced on behalf of the club and related to I.A.1.j. Administration: photography. Paul A. W. Wallace material is also held by the Glenbow Archives, Calgary. -- Location: M200 / III, V14 / III.


IV.  Other records

Other materials sous-fonds. -- [ca.1880]-1988.. -- Textual records and photographs [extents not available]. -- Sous-fonds includes miscellaneous material acquired by the Alpine Club of Canada prior to 1986.  Includes letters, cartoons, clippings, printed matter, photographs, articles, scrapbooks, etc.  -- Title based on material. -- Inventory available. -- Constitutes Sous-fonds IV of the Alpine Club of Canada fonds. -- Location : M200 / IV; V14 / IV.

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