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Hans Gmoser fonds


Hans Gmoser, ca.1960

(Hans Gmoser fonds - V68/LC-5)


     Hans Gmoser fonds. -- [ca.1955-ca.1995]. -- 25 motion pictures (41 film reels, also audio reels and magnetic track). -- 17 film reels. -- 1 video recording. -- 2 sound recordings. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- 12 photographs : copy negatives, print. -- Hans Gmoser has worked as a mountain guide, mountaineer, ski instructor, skier, cinematographer, lecturer, and founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Canadian Mountain Holidays. He is based at Banff and Harvie Heights, Alberta. -- Fonds consists of five series:  I. Films, 1956-ca.1970;  II. Video recording, 1979;  III. Sound recordings, 1961, 1979;  IV. Textual records, ca.1955-ca.1995; V. Photographs, 1958-1986. -- Location: M224 / S49 / V68.

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I.  Films

Films series. -- 1956-1972. -- 25 motion pictures (41 film reels, also audio reels and magnetic track). -- 17 film reels.  -- Series includes: four sub-series:  A Presentation films by Hans Gmoser Productions, 1956-1968;  B. Other films by Hans Gmoser, 1962-[1969];  C. Out-takes, fragment and other films, 1960-ca.1970;  D. Collected films, ca.1960, 1972.  Films depict a mixture of skiing and climbing including spring skiing, powder skiing, glacier skiing on Columbia Icefield, heli-skiing in the Rockies and Selkirks and ascents of Mount Logan, Yukon, and Mounts Blackburn and McKinley, Alaska, also rock and ice climbing. Feature length films consist of, or are accompanied by, all or some of the following elements: 16mm originals (A and B rolls); work prints, out takes, 16mm mag track (sound); 1/4" audio tape (background music to accompany narration, 7 items); teasers (TV film clips) and the following items included in the textual records: narration scripts, teaser text, descriptive flyers, press releases, annual pamphlets and ad solicitation for same, censor certificates and related correspondence. -- Title based on contents of series. -- Total film extent is ca.110,000 ft. -- Access to motion picture film reels is subject to approval of Head Archivist. --  Reference video copies are available for some films. -- Constitutes Series I of the Hans Gmoser fonds.

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II.  Video recording

Hans tape / No II Bud Paul's. -- 1979. -- 1 video recording : 1" videotape. -- Location : V68 / NV - 1.


III. Sound recordings

Sound recordings series. -- 1961, 1979. -- 2 sound recordings. -- Recordings are not related to films. -- Title based on contents of series.-- Constitutes Series III of the Hans Gmoser fonds.

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IV. Textual records

Textual records series. -- [ca.1955-ca.1995]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of film documentation and other records. -- Title based on contents of series. -- Constitutes Series IV of the Hans Gmoser fonds.

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V. Photographs

Photographs. -- copies made 1989-1990. -- 12 photographs : 11 copy negatives, 1 print. -- Copy photographs pertain mainly to Hans Gmoser, 1958-1986, and include portraits and climbing shots. Also includes two views of the Wickersham Wall, Mount McKinley, by Bradford Washburn, n.d. -- Title based on records. -- Photographs of Hans Gmoser are by Elsa Wyatt, Claire Brown, Leo Grillmair and Rick Careless. -- Location : V68 / 1 - 12 (LC) (PA)

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