Thomas Hayton Mawson (1861-1933) was an English landscape architect and town planner. A strong and eloquent proponent of the City Beautiful Movement, he made four North American tours and promoted town planning schemes for a number of Canadian cities. On January 8, 1913, Mawson was commissioned by the City of Calgary to design a plan for the city's future development. The following year he published Calgary: A Preliminary Scheme for Controlling the Growth of the City. An ambitious, but unrealized, concept, it eventually became known as `Vienna on the Bow.' This image, titled "The Civic Centre of Calgary as It May Appear Many Years Hence," was one of thirty drawings prepared for the presentation of Mawson's plan to the city. In 1976 these drawings were discovered during the demolition of a garage in Sunnyside, where they had been used as wallboard. They were restored and now reside at the Canadian Architectural Archives, the University of Calgary Library.

Courtesy of the
Canadian Architectural Archives

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