May 23 - 25, 2019


Mind the Gap: Digital Evanescence, Cultural Diversity and the Archival Challenge of Social Memory

Dates: May 23 - 25, 2019

Location: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta
Keynote Speaker: Raymond Frogner, Head of Archives, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation


Archives and archivists play a privileged role in terms of presenting a complete vision of “what has happened.” In the minds of many researchers and users, archivists occupy a unique role as guardians, gate-keepers, or generators of the truth; however, we need to become aware that the archival record in our holdings is often incomplete, and these gaps especially exist when we reflect on Indigenous and other cultural communities, which have been largely ignored by many archives. It can be challenging to identify the gaps in archival holdings and more challenging to fill those gaps.

Our conference wishes to explore the space of the “gaps”, by examining (in part) what motivates archives and communities to connect, and how to form successful relationships of trust which can serve communities, and allow archives to provide a richer story.

We are interested in how archives and communities come together to make knowledge previously unknown to others known. Questions we will address include: How are relationships of trust formed? What are our ethical responsibilities? How can synergies between archives and communities be realized?

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