Archives In Interesting Times

Dates: May 28, 2021

Location: Online

Keynote Speaker: Shelley Sweeney

Theme: We are witnessing turmoil around the globe, including a pandemic, economic struggle, climate change and the Black Lives Matter protests. Archives are not isolated from what is happening and there has been much stress to archives as a result. Our profession is challenged by funding cuts which are especially prominent in our oil and gas-based economy in Alberta. The pandemic has also contributed to a lack of revenue, but of significant note, the pandemic has changed our work. In addition, we are still seeing natural disasters affecting our facilities as climate change is increasingly becoming an issue. There has been a rise in the outcry against social injustices which has made archives re-examine their colonial-based policies in hopes for new policies that are more inclusive. Our holdings bear witness to some of these social injustices. Keeping in mind the tornado of events that are changing our professional life, ASA’s 2021 Conference looks at our profession in interesting times.


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