Disaster Preparedness: Business Continuity and Disaster Psychology

Instructors: Dr. Charmaine Thomas, Marshall Oliver from Belfor Canada, Barry Manuel Kildoon Emergency Management Consulting and Training, Emily Turgeon-Brunet ASA Flood Programme.

Date: September 21 & 22, 2016

Location: Hyatt Regency, 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary, AB

Class size: 25 minimum / 45 maximum

Cost: $100 deposit, refunded on completion of workshop.

The ASA, partnered with the Flood Advisory Programme, is offering a two-day workshop focusing on disaster preparedness.  

The first day of the workshop provides an introduction to business continuity planning. ASA is pleased to welcome Barry Manuel of Kildoon Emergency Management, from Halifax, Nova Scotia who will be presenting on this topic. Business continuity refers to an organization continuing to offer essential services and maintaining essential functions before, during, and after an emergency. Business continuity planning is the development of documentation and procedures to be used by an organization during an emergency, aimed to assist with the prevention of disruption in services. Business resumption planning is the development of documentation and procedures that can be followed after an emergency to assist the archival organization return to regular business.

The morning of the second day will cover disaster psychology, taught by psychologist, Dr. Charmaine Thomas from the University of Calgary. She will be discussing how staff can prepare emotionally for disaster remediation processes, and how staff can recover from disaster remediation experiences.

The afternoon of the second day will feature a short presentation by Marshall Oliver from Belfor Restoration Services discussing facility restoration for heritage sites and sites containing heritage material; the institutional forum will follow this presentation. The Lead Conservator of the Flood Advisory Programme, Emily Turgeon-Brunet, will be demonstrating how to handle wet archival records and how they can be dried. This hands-on presentation will focus on paper records and photographic materials, including letters, maps, blueprints, photographs, and negatives.

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Registration: To register, submit the Workshop Registration FormRegistration is only open to ASA members. The deadline for registration is September 9 at 4:30pm.

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