Loan Program

The Flood Advisory Programme has developed a Loan Program meant to provide free access to tools, equipment, and literature to Institutional members of the ASA. 

Resources were chosen based on need as found by the Lead Team of the Flood Advisory Programme's site assessment results from 2014-2016. The Lead Team hopes that the Loan Program will provide ASA Institutional members with the opportunity to access resources that may not have been accessible prior to the program. 

The Loan Program is a free service offered to all ASA Institutional members in good standing. 

The resources for the Loan Program are housed at two locations:

  • Archives Society of Alberta
  • Milo Library Archives

Institutional members will be able to borrow items by either picking them up from one of the locations or organizing shipment of the items. The borrower is responsible for all shipment fees if shipment is required. All items will be shipped in custom packaging to ensure their security and condition. Items chosen for the Loan Program may be borrowed for one month, or longer at the discretion of ASA’s Executive Director.

View where the resources are housed: Loan Program Supply Location

For more information on the resources in the Loan Program and how to use them, view Loan Program Handbook (PDF)

Loan Program forms:

Loan Program Request Form

Loan Program Contract

Please submit forms to the Executive Director/Archives Advisor at

Loan program resources
Loan program resources. Photo credit: Emily Turgeon-Brunet. 
EPSON scanner
EPSON Perfection V800 Photo Color Scanner.
Photo credit: Emily Turgeon-Brunet. 
HEPA vacuum
HEPA Vacuum. Photo credit: Emily Turgeon-Brunet.