This photograph was taken on May 9, 1906 – the last day of the first session of the first Legislature of Alberta. Pictured here are the 25 members of that first Alberta Legislature; they are seated in the third floor Assembly Hall of McKay Avenue School, a space the government rented from the Edmonton Protestant Public School Board.

Although the capital debate was the highlight of the first session, the only motion that was put forward was that the capital be permanently located in Calgary. This motion was lost by a vote of sixteen to eight. Subsequent motions for Red Deer and Banff were withdrawn. Edmonton (previously named the provisional capital) prevailed, but the decision was not entirely popular.

The 1907 session was also held in McKay Avenue School. The building was designated a Provincial Historical Resource in 1976 and now serves as the Archives and Museum of Edmonton Public Schools. A featured display is the restored legislative Chamber of 1906, which was re-constructed based on the image to the left – the only known image of this important event in Alberta’s history.


Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museum

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