Alberta On Record Committee

The Alberta on Record (AOR) Committee is responsible for advising the Board on issues related to the AOR Database.

View the AOR Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Advocacy and Outreach Committee

The Advocacy and Outreach Committee advises the Board of Directors on issues of public awareness and advocacy and other matters which affect the operations of Alberta’s archives, archivists, and members of the Society. Major projects include overseeing Archives Week events.

View the Outreach and Communications Committee Terms of Reference

Conference Program Committee

The Conference Program Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, and follow-up of ASA's bi-annual conference.

View the Conference Committee Terms of Reference.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for the development, implementation, and co-ordination of archival education programs for the membership.

View the Education Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Financial Review Committee 

The Financial Review Committee is responsible for reviewing the year-end financial records of the ASA to ensure that the Society is managing its funds in accordance with its mission and mandate.

View the Financial Review Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Fonds D’Archives Committee

The Fonds D’Archives Committee is responsible for advising the board on issues related to the management and maintenance of the ASA Journal Fonds D’Archives.

Fonds D'Archives is currently in hiatus so the committee is currently inactive.

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee advises the Board of Directors on matters relating to the allocation of grants to institutional members and the establishment of criteria to determine such allocations. Due to funding cuts, ASA does not currently offer project grants so this committee is inactive.

View the Grants Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Nominations and Awards Committee

The Nominations and Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting and receiving nominations for elections of Officers, determining the eligibility of nominees, informing nominees of their duties, distribution of ballot papers and electoral information at the AGM, conducting ballots, adjudicating and recommending applications for awards and honorary members to the Board of Directors, recommending new awards to the Board of Directors, and developing terms of reference and forms of recognitions for awards. 

View the Nominations and Awards Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).