Alan D. Ridge Publications Award

The award is named in honour of Alan D. Ridge, Provincial Archivist of Alberta from 1968-1984. His active involvement in archives and records management in England, Canada, and the United States has provided leadership and stimulation to the archival community in Alberta and beyond.

This award recognizes excellence in the form of research, opinion, analysis, etc. on some aspect of archives studies, records management, the use of records, archival institutions, or the archival profession.


Award of Merit 
To recognize contributions via print resources (books, pamphlets, brochures, manuals, article in a peer-reviewed journal/periodical, etc.) or other forms (websites, exhibits, film, theatre, broadcasts, etc.).

Eligibility of Entrants

Open to any resident of Alberta with a knowledge of or interest in archives, records and historical resources (as relating to archives). Entrants may include but are not limited to: current or past employees or volunteers of archival institutions, students of archival studies, records managers and administrators.

Consideration may be given to non-residents who produce works on topics specific to Alberta. Heritage institutions and organizations may also apply if the project represents the efforts of several individuals within the organization.

Criteria for Eligibility

Works must have been published / disseminated in the preceding 24 months, prior to January 1st of the current year.

The judges will consider works using the following criteria:
1. scholarly content and quality of the work
2. impact on the profession
3. originality
4. depth of dissemination.

Administration of the Award

• The ASA Nominations and Awards Committee will accept nominations and/or submissions up to April 14, 2023
• Works will be reviewed by the Nominations and Awards Committee.
• Judges cannot consider works which they have either written or to which they have given substantial direct assistance.
• Judging to be completed before the AGM.
• Awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Archives Society of Alberta.
• Up to 3 awards may be given per year.

Previous recipients of the Award

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