Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Resources for Archives

Disaster preparedness and recovery resources from the Flood Advisory Programme providing information on disaster preparedness and preventative care.

Resources include how-to videos on disaster recovery techniques, lists of resources, guides on staff training scenarios, proper housing, digitization, and much more. 

Staff Training Scenarios

Scenarios were created for institutions to think about and practice the application of their emergency plans.

Emergency Response Resources

List of resources for emergency recovery assistance, emergency planning, and salvage and recovery.

Extreme Weather Alerts

Monitor extreme weather conditions in Alberta.

Retailers for Archival Supplies

Retailers offering archival grade supplies for rehousing, digitizing, environmental monitoring tools, freezing, preservation, shipping materials, and display cases for exhibitions.

Disaster Response Kit

Tools and equipment to include in a disaster response kit.

How-To Videos

Video resources created by the Flood Advisory Programme, demonstrating basic salvage techniques to help archivists during an emergency.

Smoke Damaged Paper

Methods of caring for smoke damaged paper-based records.

Preparing for Digitization

Selection, housing, handling, and digitization of records.

Digital Preservation Resources

Resources for digitization and digital preservation.