Digital Preservation Resources

Digital Preservation Resources

Canadian Heritage Information Network. “Digital Preservation Toolkit.” 

Documents created by the Canadian Heritage Information Network to help identify digital resources and help create policies and plans to support their preservation. This document is focused on museums but a good starting place for archives as well.

Center for Research Libraries. “Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification: Criteria and Checklist.”

Criteria and checklists to assess digital repositories.

Cornell University. “Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-term Strategies for Longterm Problems.”

An online tutorial introducing users to digital preservation management.

Digital Preservation Coalition. “Digital Preservation Handbook.” 

Digital Preservation Handbook created by the Digital Preservation Coalition to guide preserving and providing access to digital resources over time.

InterPARES 3 Project. “Products-TEAM Canada.”

Library and Archives Canada. “File Format Guidelines for Preservation and Long-term Access.”

Library and Archives Canada’s guidelines to assess file formats for digital resources. 

Library of Congress. “Sustainability of Digital Formats: Planning for Library of Congress Collections.”  

A list of resources from the Library of Congress about digital file formats and digital preservation.

Northeast Document Conservation Center. “Digital Preservation.” 

Northeast Document Conservation Center’s best practices for digital preservation.

Northeast Document Conservation Center. “Digital Preservation Readiness Webliography.” 

Northeast Document Conservation Center’s list of resources on digital preservation.

Online Computer Library Center. “Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities.”  

An RLG-OCLC report outlining the attributes and responsibilities of trusted digital repositories.

University of Cambridge. “Digital Repositories.” 

Why have a digital repository? The University of Cambridge discusses the benefits and detriments of using them through a question and answer format. 

Digital Repositories


It is a digital preservation system that is in partnership with Wiki. They advertise themselves as a “free and open-source digital preservation system” used to house digital records according to the proper standards. They employ the web-based content management system: AtoM. They are used by many fellow Canadian institutions including City of Vancouver Archives, and University of Alberta Libraries. 

Preservica: Digital Preservation

They market a cost-effective and secure database to store digital records. This company is based in the UK, and follows the UK Data Protection Act.


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