Disaster Response Kit

Disaster Response/ Emergency Kit

Basic Toolkit (Hammer, Screwdrivers, Wrench, and Pliers)
Dust Coats
Nitrile Gloves
UV Protection Safety Goggles
Dust Masks
Rite-in-the-Rain® Waterproof Notebooks
Permanent Markers
Absorene® Dirt Erasers
All-Weather, Heavy Duty Duct Tape
Spool of Cotton String
Snake/Gator Tail/Sock Barriers
Bolt Cutters
Point-and-Shoot Camera, SD Card, and Extra Battery
Extension Cords
Fans and Dehumidifier
Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum
Ant Traps
Polyethylene Bags
Garbage Bags
Ziploc® Bags
Saran™ Plastic Wrap
Polyethylene Sheeting
Heat Reflective Sheets
Archival Grade Boxes
Blotter Paper
Paper Towel
Hollytex® Sheets
Blank Newsprint Paper
Polyethylene Foam
Barricade Tape
Duplicate Keys for the Electrical Panel, Maintenance Closet, and Boiler Room
Blueprint of the Building
Map of the Surrounding Area indicating Community Centres
Map Marking Location of Vital Records
List of Emergency Contacts: 911, Conservators, Volunteers, Freezer Truck Company
*Collection Specific: Fire Extinguisher, Bubble Wrap

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