Emergency Response Resources

Emergency Response Resources


Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta Emergency Alert is operated by the Alberta Government and will send messages to your phone in the event of emergencies in the province. These messages may be informational (prepare for specific situations) or critical (immediate danger). Free.

Weather Network Alerts

This app provides up-to-date weather conditions and severe weather alerts specific to your location. Free.


This app helps creates inventories and reports about records and items from a collection, with space for notes and images. It would be useful during disaster recovery. Free for 30 days, then subscription.

Emergency Response and Salvage

Emergency Response and Salvage provides basic information on each step of disaster response, including step-by-step media based salvage techniques. Free.

Pest ID

This app assists users to identify "bugs". It includes a reference gallery with images and descriptions. Users can also snap a photo of a pest and send it to a pest control expert directly through the app. The app is free except for the personalized service of sending in a photo. A professional will identify the "bug" in the photo for $2.99.

Alberta Rivers: Data and Advisories

This app features a map of Alberta displaying all of its rivers including information on their water levels and current flow.

Recovery Assistance

Belfor Canada 

This is an international company with a Canadian branch that markets assistance with disaster recovery and remediation. This allows institutions to hire trained professionals to help them restore and repair damaged facilities.

Center for Disaster Recovery 

CDR is offers professional level education including IICRC certification courses and seminars on disaster recovery.

FirstOnSite Restoration 

This company advertises quick response to emergency disaster restoration; covering fire, water, wind and mould damage. They also offer a Priority Response Emergency Plan, where they will work with an institution to help them establish a disaster plan.


HazMasters sells safety equipment and supplies, as well as offering safety training.

Restoration Industry Association

Restoration Industry Assocation is a non-profit disaster recovery group that will put institutions in touch with specialized professionals.

Steamatic Canada

Steamatic is a Canadian company that offers 24/7 emergency services covering both cleaning and facility restoration services.


This company provides many emergency response services such as document recovery, electronics cleaning, mould removal, structural drying, among others. They have a branch located in Calgary with a 24/7 emergency number.

*** Please note that this list is provided as a convenience to people seeking emergency planning and recovery resources and does not represent an endorsement by the Archives Society of Alberta.

Emergency Planning

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