Retailers for Archival Supplies

Retailers for Archival Supplies

When preparing to place a supply order for your archives, you may not find everything you are looking for from one retailer. Below you will find a comprehensive list of retailers offering archival grade supplies for rehousing, digitizing, environmental monitoring tools, freezing, preservation, shipping materials, and display cases for exhibitions.

Carr McLean

Canadian on-line retailer that offers a large range of archival grade housing supplies, preservation materials and environmental monitors


American on-line retailer that offers archival housing supplies and preservation materials; they also sell Absorene® Dirt Eraser useful for removing mould from paper records.

Gaylord Archival

American on-line retailer that offers archival grade housing supplies, preservation supplies and environmental monitors.


American on-line retailer that offers archival, preservation and conservation supplies.

University Products: The Archival Company

American on-line retailer that offers archival, preservation and conservation supplies.

Lines 'n Curves

Located in Toronto, this supplier is the Canadian distributor for University Products. They offer archival, preservation and conservation supplies.

Hollinger Metal Edge Inc.

American on-line retailer that offers archival grade housing supplies; they also sell pre-made freezer kits.

Conservation Support Systems

American on-line retailer that sells ELSEC Universal Light Monitors and archival grade housing supplies.

Zone Display Cases

Canadian company that offers custom designed and manufactured conservation grade display cases.

Goppion: The Art of Case Design

Italian company that offers custom airtight exhibit cases, used by The Louvre and Smithsonian Museums.

Glasbau Hahn

German company that offers custom designed, creative exhibit cases used by the Royal Ontario Museum.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems

Canadian company that offers technology to moderate the environment within display cases.


American company that offers shipping materials and boxes that are archival grade and padded to safely ship records, and artifacts on loan or on exhibit.

Robin Myers Imaging Inc.

American company that offers high-quality colour checkers, useful when performing photographic documentation before and after a record or artifact goes on exhibit.

Willard Conservation Equipment Engineers

British on-line retailer that offers preservation and conservation equipment including tacking irons.


A type of handheld loops with up to 140 x magnification.

Tru Vue

American company that offers acrylic and glass solutions with specialty glazing for archives and museums to diminish glare, and protect exhibited items against light fading.

Air Science

American company that offers custom ductless fume hoods to ensure proper safety standards are met during mould removal projects.


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