Flood Advisory Programme

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Archives

Photograph of a water-damaged and muddy book
Photo credit: Amanda Oliver

With generous support from Alberta Culture and Tourism, the Flood Advisory Programme was able to provide disaster recovery and preparedness assistance to ASA institutional members across the province of Alberta. 

Flood Advisory Programme

On January 27, 2014, Alberta Culture and Tourism announced that it would provide funding to the Archives Society of Alberta to assist with the proper care of archival collections impacted by the 2013 floods in Alberta. This funding was part of a $6 million commitment by the Government of Alberta to help museums and archives impacted by the flood. The ASA distributed this funding through the Flood Advisory Programme. Teams of archivists and conservators were hired to assess and help restore flood-impacted sites, as well as assess and prepare archives for future emergencies and disasters. The work commenced in the fall of 2014 and ended February 2017. 

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Resources for Archives

The Flood Advisory Programme provided information on disaster preparedness and preventative care, including how-to videos on disaster recovery techniques, lists of resources, guides on staff training scenarios, proper housing, digitization, and much more.

Click here to view the resources available on our website.

Lead Team blog posts 

The Flood Advisory Programme’s Lead Team wrote posts for the ASA blog. The blog was updated every other week and contained updates and additional information on topics such as cellulose nitrate negatives, pests, seasonal environmental concerns, disaster kits, and disaster preparedness supplies. 

Click here to view a list of the Lead Team's blog posts.

Disaster Preparedness Workshop 

From Sept. 21-22, 2016, the Flood Advisory Programme partnered with the ASA Education Committee to offer a two-day workshop aimed to assist ASA members with disaster preparedness training.

Click here to see handouts and read more about the Disaster Preparedness Workshop.

For an overview of the work completed by the Flood Advisory Programme and the variety of resources and outreach projects developed, please click the images below to view the informational pamphlets.

ASA Flood Advisory Programme brochure

ASA Flood Advisory Programme brochure