Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Disaster Preparedness Workshop

September 21st - 22nd, 2016 in Calgary, AB

The Flood Advisory Programme partnered with the ASA Education Committee to offer a two-day workshop aimed to assist ASA members with disaster preparedness training. The Lead Team first visualized the idea for the workshop after visiting ASA’s institutional members and determining how disaster training could be made available to ASA members. In response, a travel grant was supplied to every attendee. The Lead Team considered the gaps in traditional disaster training and decided to offer training opportunities different than those already available.

The first day was taught by Barry Manuel from Kildoon Emergency Management, who discussed business continuity planning and its importance and how it can be paired with a disaster plan. 

Dr. Charmaine Thomas discussed preventive measures and coping mechanisms during the morning of the second day's talk on disaster psychology. The afternoon featured a short talk from Marshall Oliver, a Belfor Canada representative, followed by a presentation by the Lead Conservator of the Flood Advisory Programme, Emily Turgeon-Brunet, who demonstrated methods of handling and drying wet records.


Click to view Handling Wet Records (PDF)

Click to view instructions for Coping Mechanism: Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PDF)