advisory services

The Archives Society of Alberta established its Advisory Services Program in 1995.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services is one of several programs offered by the Society to support and encourage the development of sustainable archives in Alberta.

Advisory services provides:

• advice to archival institutions working to improve procedures and practices
• advice to organizations desiring to care for their archival records
• advice to organizations that may wish to start an archives


• advice and information may be delivered through site assessments, individual consultation, education and training, telephone, and through the ASA resource library

Who is eligible:

• members of the Archives Society of Alberta
• organizations that wish to start an archives
• organizations which hold records which may be available for public or community research

For organizations seeking an archivist as a contractor: 

Rene Georgopalis is our Archives Advisor and she holds a MISt in Archives and Records Management from the University of Toronto (2010).

Prior to becoming our Archives Advisor, she had archival work experience at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto (now named ArQuives), Humewood House in Toronto, and Musée Héritage Museum in St. Albert.

She has experience with both private and municipal records, and working at an archives in a museum. Her interests in archives include archival description as well as social justice.

In order to use our Advisory Services, please contact:

Rene Georgopalis

(780) 424-2697

(780) 983-0540